Since 2009, Ecolite have been focused on people who are engaged in high-risk industries under hazardous circumstances, from civil airports, helipads, communication towers, factory, power plant chimneys, television tower, port, bridges, high-rise buildings, and buoyage in sea, etc.

Our in-house electronic and mechanical engineering is consisting of many experts with different backgrounds. In our line of business, the requirements both to the mechanical and electrical design are one of the hardest one can think of due to their installation locations and the purpose of the lights. Therefore, the quality on the mechanical design including materials used, sealing solutions, environmental robustness, high wind speeds, vibration, humidity, etc. The electronics and power supply used in the lights have to tolerate surges, lightning strikes, and years of use in constantly changing temperatures and humidity levels.
Ecolite provides a wide range of aviation obstruction lighting, LED warning lighting, heliport lighting, marine lighting and warning sphere. All our products are designed and manufactured strictly follow according to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) guidelines and recommendations.

Our company is geared to delivering a best-value solution to all our customers. We have major projects involvement includes institutions, buildings, telecommunication sites. Our commitment to provide solutions on related problems over the years has earned us continuous support from some of the biggest corporate clients in Malaysia and international.
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